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Lawrence Alloway — , the critic who first used the term in print in , conceived of Pop art as the lower end of a popular-art to fine-art continuum, encompassing such forms as advertising, science-fiction illustration and automobile styling. Pin-Up Art. Addams Lara. Erbit Jules. Pearl Frush. Armstrong Rolf. Petty George. Ballantyne Joyce. Henslee Jack. Ramos Me l. Olivia de Berardinis. Hildebrandt Greg. Randall Bill. Blanton Mark. Janesko Jennifer. Runci Edward. Bolles Enoch.

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Kacere John. Sarger Xavier. Brule Al. Layne Bill. Sorayama Hajime. Chiriaka Ernest. Jerr y von Lind. Thompson T. D'Ancona E dward.

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Medcalf Bill. Vargas Alberto. Driben Peter. Meunier Susanne. Billy de Vorss. Ekman Harry. Moran Earl. Willis Fritz. Elvgren Gil. Mozert Zoe. Withers Ted. Munson K.


Harbour , R. Paul Manship. Lee Lawrie. Carl Paul Jennewein - American sculptor. Cupid and Gazelle. Cupid and Crane. Over the waves. Joseph Lorenzl. Joseph Descomps. Pierre Le Faguas. Rudolf Schwarz. Art Deco design represented modernism turned into fashion. Its products included both individually crafted luxury items and mass-produced wares, but, in either case, the intention was to create a sleek and antitraditional elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication.

Art nouveau design

Though Art Deco objects were rarely mass-produced, the characteristic features of the style reflected admiration for the modernity of the machine and for the inherent design qualities of machine-made objects e. Decorative ideas came from American Indian, Egyptian, and early classical sources as well as from nature.

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Characteristic motifs included nude female figures, animals, foliage, and sunrays, all in conventionalized forms. Most of the outstanding Art Deco creators designed individually crafted or limited-edition items. Murphy, and Wiwen Nilsson; and the figural sculptor Chiparus. The fashion designer Paul Poiret and the graphic artist Edward McKnight Kauffer represent those whose work directly reached a larger audience.

Although the style went out of fashion during World War II, beginning in the late s there was a renewed interest in Art Deco design. American industrial designer and writer.

Between and he studied at evening classes at the Art Students League in New York, while working as a sign-painter. Between and Teague worked as a freelance illustrator and commercial artist and became known for his use of classical typography and decorative borders, as in the layout and borders for Time magazine In , while travelling in Europe, he discovered the work of Le Corbusier and in particular his book Vers une architecture On his return to New York that year he decided to pursue a career in designing or restyling products and packages for manufacturers.

In New York at that time a group of individuals including Teague, Norman Bel Geddes, Raymond Loewy and Henry Dreyfuss —72 began to establish industrial design as an independent occupation, promoted by the foundation of the American Union of Decorative Artists and Craftsmen in Sparton radio. Nocturne radio.

Bluebird" Radio. American architect. From to he was in partnership with H. Craig Severance — in Manhattan. Chrysler Building, New York. Sitzmaschine Chair with Adjustable Back. Josef Hoffmann - Austrian architect, designer and draughtsman. He had a natural gift for creating beautiful forms, and he proceeded to make the most of it during a career that spanned more than 50 years. He relied on his intuition to produce works that were unmistakably his own in their formal and compositional treatment, yet mirrored all stylistic changes in the European architectural scene.

Palazzo Stoclet a Bruxelles, The son of a prosperous box manufacturer in Rhode Island, he had a strict, religious and inhibiting upbringing that took some years to outgrow. He was educated locally, taking a first degree at Brown University, Providence, RI, before proceeding in to the architecture school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.

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He spent much of the next seven years in Paris or travelling in Europe, apart from an interlude in —8 when he worked in Pittsburgh and New York for his friend Henry Hornbostel — During this period he developed into a sharp, confident, ambitious, worldly and entertaining young architect of much potential, but with a conventional Beaux-Arts approach to style and planning. His early projects are impressive chiefly for their balance of Gothic and classical vocabularies. French furniture designer.

He was the son of a Protestant house-painter from Alsace. By the mids the company had diversified into other aspects of interior decoration, including lighting, textiles, carpets, upholstery, japanning and mirrorwork. French sculptor, metalworker, painter and designer, of Swiss birth. He trained as a sculptor from to at the Ecole des Arts Industriels in Geneva and in was awarded a scholarship by the city of Geneva that enabled him to continue his studies in Paris, where Jean Dampt, a sculptor from Burgundy, introduced him to the idea of producing designs for interior decoration and furnishing.

Dunand worked on the winged horses on the bridge of Alexandre III in Paris in situ , while simultaneously continuing his research into the use of metal in the decorative arts. In he gave up sculpture in order to devote his time to making dinanderie and later to lacquering. His first vases e. In the Japanese artist Seizo Sugawara asked him to solve a problem concerning dinanderie, and in exchange he was given instruction in lacquering. From then on he produced vases, folding screens, doors and other furniture e. Geometric Decor , black and red lacquered screen. Around he started to use egg shell on lacquer.

Different effects were produced by varying the size of the pieces and by using the inside or the outside of the shell. He used this technique for both portraits and Cubist compositions e. He worked closely with contemporary artists and designers, especially the furniture designer Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann and the couturiers Madeleine Vionnet and Paul Poiret. His jewellery designs demonstrate a preference for pure, geometric forms, with regular black and red lacquer dots on the metal surface. Silver and Black Mottled Vase.

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Panneau en laque realise pour le fumoir de Normandie. Get a Picture. Receive a picture in your email weekly! Art of the 20th Century A Revolution in the Arts. Art Styles in 20th century Art Map.