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Offsets can undercut emission reduction efforts and environmental equity goals During the first compliance period — , offset credits represented more than 4. Supporting information.

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S1 Data. Emission data used in this analysis. S2 Data. Oil and gas facility locations. S1 Fig.

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Construction of the dataset. S2 Fig. S1 Table. S2 Table. Characteristics of block groups that experienced an increase in annual average aggregate emissions from regulated facilities within 1 mile after — as compared to before — implementation of carbon trading. S3 Table. S4 Table. References 1. Energy and human health. Annu Rev Public Health. Smith KR, Haigler E. Co-benefits of climate mitigation and health protection in energy systems: scoping methods.

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Emissions and Carbon Trading

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A Level Economics Evaluation Skills: Carbon Trading & Carbon Taxation

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Making Carbon Markets Work (extended version) - Scientific American

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  • Mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reporting. United States Code, edition. The hidden poor: over three-quarters of a million older Californians overlooked by official poverty line. Public data on allowance allocation.

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    Estimated state auction budget. Annual allocation to electrical distribution utilities EDU under the cap-and-trade regulation. ARB offset credits issued. Indoor air quality IAQ : technical overview of volatile organic compounds. Corburn J. Environ Conserv. Ringquist EJ. Trading equity for efficiency in environmental protection?

    Environmental justice effects from the SO2 allowance trading program. Soc Sci Q. What do emissions markets deliver and to whom? Grainger C, Ruangmas T. Who wins from emissions trading? Evidence from California.

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