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View locations. Understanding the basic process of diseases forms the important foundation for any health professional.

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This subject is a study of essential elements of the disease processes, studied within the context of some commonly occurring disorders such as diabetes. It serves as an introduction to physiological processes in the disease state. Systems studied include cardiovascular, endocrine, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, kidney and body fluid, respiratory, reproductive and nervous systems, and cancer. The subject provides a broad understanding of fundamental health issues, which can be applied in various health settings the students will face in their professional career.

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As the number of pathologies is constantly growing as a result of our improving scientific knowledge, this is an area of study that is constantly developing and evolving. In light of this, our collection of affordable textbooks is extensive and constantly being added to as new information becomes available.

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Our new and used textbooks are all in great condition and are much cheaper than what you will find in a college bookshop. Place your order online and we will deliver your books to the address of your choice. When you are done with the books you can use our buyback service. Results 1 - 50 of 82 for Pathophysiology Textbooks. Pathophysiology by Copstead-Kirkhorn, Lee-Elle Since becoming legal in many states, its popularity has become mainstream, including its use in our veterinary patients.

The objectives of this webinar will be to provide an overview of CBD, present a review of the published veterinary research, and a summary of the current study investigating its use for managing drug-resistant canine epilepsy. The intent will be to educate veterinarians and pet owners on the current status of CBD and its potential use in veterinary medicine. Original Air Date: April 10, Inflammatory conditions of the central nervous system are common in dogs.

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Although well described, these disorders can prove challenging to diagnose, as the cause remains poorly understood and clinical findings can be variable or nonspecific. Karen R. Join Dr. Julia Albright and learn more about noise phobias in dogs including risk factors for development of canine noise phobias, assessment of behavioral and emotional disorders associated with noise phobias, pharmaceutical options available for treatment of noise phobic dogs, analysis of the literature and mechanisms behind new nutraceutical options for fears and anxieties, and management plans to help families and dogs cope with noise phobias.

Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia IMHA is a common cause of morbidity and mortality in dogs.

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Infection, neoplasia, and other triggers may contribute to the development of IMHA in susceptible patients. Unidentified underlying triggers likely contribute to treatment failure. Linda Kidd will discuss key points on immune-mediated hemolytic anemia including:.

Over recent years, leptospirosis has received increased attention regarding its emergence and spread in dogs throughout North America. Jason Stull and Dr. Michelle Evason will review fundamental and advanced techniques in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this often fatal disease. Watch an interview with Stuart Meyers, DVM, PhD as he discusses his research about determining the characteristics of semen and how that relates to fertility. The research goes beyond standard parameters of sperm motility, morphology, and concentration as they assess semen from stud dogs at Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Watch this video and learn more about current research into male fertility. Watch on demand!

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Watch Jerold S. Bell, DVM present on the increasing availability of genetic screening tests, DNA tests, and how multiplex test panels also require an understanding of what the tests tell you. Watch this video and learn:. In this specialty update, Dr. Urs Giger explains more about inherited immunodeficiencies and reveals what we've learned about the genetic predisposition of Miniature Schnauzers to avian tuberculosis - a serious and fatal infection in affected dogs.