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Prime Minister from 20 December 1991 to 11 March 1996

Professor Brian Keating

Under his leadership the organisation grew into the vibrant peace organization it is today. The EIP is an independent organisation based in Brussels, with 31 permanent staff and budget of 9m euros, active on four continents, working with governments, civil society and other actors.

A partner to the European Union and to European states, the EIP promotes informal and informed dialogue as well as hands-on support, notably in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and mediation. From to September , Mr. He has worked on political transitions and led complex peace-building programmes and initiatives in Africa, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

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Science University of Adelaide - Department of Physiology. The focus within my lab is identifying the molecular mechanisms controlling cell signalling and how altered cell signalling relates to human diseases; most especially related to Type 2 Diabetes, metabolism and obesity.

Paul Keating says Liberal MPs trying to stop super increase are 'super deniers'

I utilise genetic mouse models and human tissue to identify novel genes underlying aspects of these diseases and combine this with cutting edge techniques for the measurement of neurotransmitter and hormone release from single cells. Kathleen V. Flinders University uses cookies to ensure website functionality, personalisation, and for a variety of purposes described in the website privacy statement.

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  2. Malcolm Keating - Yale-NUS College.

Research expertise. Biochemistry and cell biology. Medical physiology. Topic lecturer.

Supervisory interests. Beta cells.

Cell signalling. Insulin secretion.