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Verb To carry forward the stake and winning s from a bet onto a subsequent wager.

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Noun Such a bet or series of bets. See also parley. Parlay is an open API for the telephone network fixed and mobile. These APIs enable the creation of service s by organizations both inside and outside of the traditional carrier environment. In fact, it is hoped that services can be created by IT developers, rather than telephony experts.

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Important Parlay APIs include: call control , conferencing , user interaction audio and text messaging , and charging. A set of Java mappings allow the APIs to be invoked locally as well. A major goal of the APIs is to be independent of the underlying telephony network technology e. PSZ JB. Summary Parlay will enable rapid and cost-effective delivery of servicesbased on telecommunications networks, and will be an essential partof the 3G future. Covers standards capabilities and directions, and the twelveService Capability Features, including call control, mobilitymanagement, data session control, generic messaging service andcontent based charging and policy management.

Addresses architectural alternatives and advanced architecturepatterns. Provides use cases, architecture, deployment scenarios andadvanced topics for further reading. Trademarks and Permissions p. Why Consider Scalability? Not quite p.

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There was an error while adding the following items. Please try again. A bet comprising the sum of a prior wager plus its winnings or a series of bets made in such a manner. Gambling, except Cards to stake winnings from one bet on a subsequent wager.

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