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The History of the Empire Theatre

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The Brady Era

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A Christmas Carol

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The Brady Era

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Stories of Lost Futures 6. The Skriker's Progeny 7. Blood Sacrifice 8. Daughters' Tales 9.

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Coram Boy: a final story. In Stock. Othello No Fear Shakespeare Series. Hamlet No Fear Shakespeare. This Is Shakespeare Pelican Books. Oxford Playscripts Frankenstein. Talking to Terrorists Oberon Modern Plays. King Lear Cambridge School Shakespeare. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

Playing for time explores connections between theatre time, the historical moment and fictional time. Geraldine Cousin persuasively argues that a crucial characteristic of contemporary British theatre is its preoccupation with instability and danger, and traces images of catastrophe and loss in a wide range of recent plays and productions.

The diversity of the texts that are examined is a major strength of the book. In addition to plays by contemporary dramatists, Cousin analyses staged adaptations of novels, and productions of plays by Euripides, Strindberg and Priestley. A key focus is Stephen Daldry's award-winning revival of Priestley's An Inspector Calls, which is discussed in relation both to other Priestley 'time' plays and to Caryl Churchill's apocalyptic Far Away.

Lost children are a recurring motif: Bryony Lavery's Frozen, for example, is explored in the context of the Soham murders which took place while the play was in production at the National Theatre , whilst three virtually simultaneous productions of Euripides' Hecuba are interpreted with regard to the Beslan massacre of schoolchildren. Help Centre.


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