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Previously, the job of pulling coal along the wagonway had been done by horses. But a growing demand for coal in the s meant that colliery managers and owners needed a quicker way of getting coal to their customers. In the early s a number of people were trying to find new ways of using steam power, especially for moving goods from one place to another.

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The most famous name associated with steam power is Stephenson. Before George Stephenson, industrial engineer William Hedley was also looking at how steam power could be used in his work. William Hedley was born in Newburn, west of Newcastle upon Tyne, in In he was appointed as Colliery Manager of the Wylam Colliery.

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Soon after his appointment, an engineer at the nearby Middleton Colliery invented a new locomotive. It used gears meshing on a toothed rack laid between the rails to haul itself along. In William Hedley began to design and build his own steam locomotive which would run along the Wylam Wagonway. In , Hedley had proved by experiment that a locomotive could pull wagons which were heavier than the locomotive without using racked rails — a feat which had previously not been thought possible. Above: Hedley's experiment using a locomotive on smooth rails to pull heavy goods. By Hedley had built his first locomotive, and a second was underway.

Wylam Dilly and Puffing Billy were being used to haul coal from the colliery to the river Tyne. The coal was then off-loaded and put onto keels or small boats to be taken down the river. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Condition see all Condition.

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Born in Chicago, IL in , Bill started modeling around after seeing scale model exhibits becoming interested in the hobby. Sponsored by the J.

Hudson Co. In , he learned the basics of mechanical drawing from an excellent instructor, Fred H. Zimmerman and his model-building hobby ended when he became deeply involved in airplane drawing. While in college, he was also a part-time designer for Cleveland, Comet, and General Models, all model kit manufacturers. After a while he approached Nicholas with a plan of publishing detailed aircraft drawings with cross sections and photographs. The editor liked the whole plan but he painted a grim picture of the future.

He made over drawings starting in to Its tedious time consuming work and reference material was much more expensive and difficult to obtain in the pre-internet era.

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Early years, due to expense, he worked from just photographs and translated it too detailed plans. Feeling that a future security clearance could be jeopardized he produced a drawing with exaggerated and misleading features, B drawing. Plastic model companies copied the flawed drawing exactly and produced the kits for decades.

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His drawings were always an inspiration to me, just looking at them made the planes come alive. His work brought joy to so many people, a great life indeed. I have several compendiums of his drawings. I am an aeronautical engineer and scale modeler, but I do not know how he did such good work or how he found the time for such meticulous work.