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Open Journal Systems. Journal Help. User Username Password Remember me. Notifications View Subscribe. NSDL has been set up to cater to the demanding needs of the Indian capital markets. NSDL commenced operations on November 08, During through buy-back programme by buying back 2.

It was done to bring the size of its capital in better alignment with its financial operations and to provide same return to shareholders by gainfully deploying the excess cash available with NSDL. These entities are NSDL's business partners and are integrated in to the NSDL depository system to provide various services to investors and clearing members.

The investor can get depository services through NSDL's depository participants. Further, with the objective of connecting the physical markets for Gold in India in line with facilitation provided by the GST regime, MCX added five more locations to the list of additional delivery centres for Gold and Gold Mini contracts with contracts expiring from December and onwards.

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This would facilitate the jewellers, big and small, to conveniently take physical deliveries of gold through exchange mechanism from their nearest location. Notably, since inception MCX has witnessed deliveries of more than tons of Gold and importantly participants have engaged in physical delivery of gold via additional delivery centre as well.

Is there a multiple city physical delivery option for these contracts also? Retail centric products of MCX bullion segment such as gold guinea, gold petal, silver micro continues to be favoured contracts amongst participants. Despite relatively low contract value, combined turnover of these contracts stood at a healthy Rs. Besides appealing to the retail investors, these contracts also help market participants fine-tune their hedging strategies to a granular level. Moreover, Going forward, impending participation from institutional players such as Mutual Funds and Portfolio Managers in commodity derivatives would also better guide retail participation in commodity derivatives.

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Further as far as multiple city physical delivery option for these contracts are concerned, MCX continues to explore and act at appropriate time in its continual efforts towards bettering servicing the market stakeholders. Next let me come to options contract.

MCX has been doing a fantastic job of training the market participants on using Options. We have been seeing a steady increase in volume and activity levels.

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What is your comment on the acceptance of 'options' contracts by the market participants? In past FY , as mentioned above, options trading on MCX have grown both in terms of commodities from 1 commodity i. Thus while the options volume have shown a growth indicating increasing acceptance of options contract, there is scope for raising awareness around the options strategies and use of advanced options strategies to cost-effectively hedge commodity price exposures. In this regards, Exchange has been taking up extensive outreach initiatives amongst various stakeholders.

Besides, entry of institutional participants such asmutual funds as well as banks, when permitted will add to the growth of the options segment.

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Gold spot exchange is the hot subject. MCX has an institutional infrastructure. MCX has all India reach and client network also. Where do you see these aspects as an advantage and opportunity for MCX going forward? How in your opinion the gold spot exchange would co-exist with the derivatives markets in providing a competitive and cost-effective solution to the market participants?

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MCX has been successfully running, for the last decade and half, a derivatives platform in gold backed with delivery of precious metals on maturity which has acquired a benchmark status over time. As has been mentioned above, physical gold market often takes price reference from MCX prices. Further development of pricing benchmarks from the spot platform will help stakeholders take advantage of an overlying financial futures contract that can be traded on MCX for their price risk management and price discovery. Thus, there are identifiable overlaps both in operational aspects, as well as in the value that can be derived from the co-existence of spot and derivatives platforms.

As such, spot platforms are adjunct to the derivatives platform on MCX, which as mentioned above already have necessary institutional infrastructure in terms of reach and receptive participants. Hence,a spot platform as an adjunct to MCX can usher in a number of benefits for the target group of stakeholders.

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Besides other, a thriving spot exchange will help make the ecosystem vibrant with effective Good Delivery Standards and various other institutions associated with storage and governance including ethical sourcing. Shanghai Gold Exchange is a perfect example of how a spot exchange can make the entire ecosystem vibrant and connect with the global markets in an effective manner.

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  • Standardized spot contracts and their delivery-based spot price discovery will also yield a perfect platform for the design of a successful derivative contract on the same. How would the next five years shape up for commodity derivatives market? Fundamentally, products and participant base would undergo a radical change in five years from now.