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The PVC material assures mold, mildew and bacteria resistance. The non-shedding, white panels are available in either a smooth or textured finish. They will not water-spot, rot, swell or peel. Sag-resistant Genesis panels are Class A fire-rated for flame and smoke.

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Available in 2-feet-byfeet or 2-feet-byfeet dimensions, the panels are also impact and damage-resistant. Its environmentally friendly formula is solvent free no VOCs and extremely low in chemical additives.

Old World Venetian plaster and Variance Walls

Easy to apply, it has excellent filling power and resists aggression by molds and bacteria. The wall finish is suitable for decorative indoor wall surfaces. Carrara is used to create a true, marble-like finish smooth to the touch. From contemporary to Old World, Carrara Marmorino is an ideal product for projects. Durable and flexible it will even fit through a 5-gallon pouring spout. The design reduces strain on your drill motor. The product comes in two models the 8-inch 1 gallon model PR and the PR inch, 5-gallon model. VersaBoard mineral wool insulation is a multi-purpose commercial product that has high-recycled content designed for commercial construction.

The product is available in four densities 3. The product is engineered to provide thermal insulation, fire protection and strong sound and noise absorption. The company can apply a variety of facings to the product during manufacturing to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of a building. It also repels moisture and can be an exposed interior surface.

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The insulation has up to 90 percent recycled content. It contributes to 33 LEED credits across four categories.

It helps buildings conserve energy, control noise, improve indoor air quality, improve life safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The products provide excellent corrosive resistance for specialty lath applications. AMICO is proud to be the first company to offer these outstanding products as standard items in our comprehensive line of lath products. For more information, visit www.

SilentCurtain is a thin and flexible noise curtain that cuts the amount of sound moving through the air. It is portable and has a vinyl laminate on both sides that resists damage from sunlight and other environmental factors.

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The noise-dampening curtain comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The company also offers solutions for home use. SilentCeiling Black is an acoustic tile made from fiberglass. They are light enough to be installed in drop ceilings. SilentWrap is an acoustic sound barrier that works by dampening vibrations within a structure.

It cuts perceived sound transmission by up to 88 percent and is made from a flexible, mass-loaded vinyl barrier that is fully recyclable. SilentImpact is a recycled rubber product made to be placed underneath many different kinds of flooring to dampen sound in noisy buildings. The polymer binder is mold resistant, extremely easy-toapply and still can contribute up to eight LEED points to any project.

No wonder the field response has been positive thus far.

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Walls coated with PlasterPlus can be wetted and reworked after application without adding additional binder to achieve desired results and yet is hard and durable. With construction starting in early by locally based JE Dunn Construction, this building has redefined the standard for acoustical performance. With more than 72 primary subcontractors on site, Performance Contracting has been a major contributor in helping achieve the high acoustical requirements and the overall aesthetics of this project.

When you compile 1. The 1.

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The contractor installed more than 86 percent of 1. The remainder of the plaster was comprised of acoustical wall bumps which were designed to dissipate and divert sound waves to specific locations. With up to nine different psf density requirements throughout the halls, the plaster work had to be precise to say the least.

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T he complex radius and densit y of t he Mu r iel C ei l i ng a nd t he H el zb erg C ei l i ng were not only designed to be aesthetically pleasing but also were critical for peak acoustical performance. To achieve design criteria, both ceilings were 3 -D modeled and the stud locations were pre-determined to avoid clashes with critical light placement and other penetrations. T h roug h t he modeli ng process, PCI was able to engineer and have the 16 gauge, 4-inch ceiling members pre-bent to the designed radii.

This allowed PCI to frame these two ceilings with a three-man crew over five months with very minimal modifications due to clashes with other trades. In addition, the Total Station described below was used to lay out support straps and radius studs in the Muriel and Helzberg Ceiling. The construction of the wall systems were also a challenging pro- cess throughout the duration of this project. The layout of the walls was based on three different grid systems, one for each hall and one for the rest of the project.

To add to the complexity, the majority of the gridlines were splayed, non-parallel and radiused. To help with the layout process, PCI elected to use a robotic Total Station by first plotting points using Auto Cad and then implementing them in the field using the Total Station equipment.

Upon completion of layout, PCI had to decipher and process the staggering amount of variables associated with the wall types on the project. Having 68 wall types with each having three head of wall deflection criteria 0, 1 inch, 2 inch , PCI quickly had hundreds of variations in wall types. Combined with the addition of fire track, slotted track, double studded walls and up to six layers of drywall, one can only imagine the skill required to process and accurately execute the construction of the walls. This technologically advanced venue houses more than 72 suites, 68 loge boxes, 14 M V P tables, three club hospitality rooms, two All-Star decks, AirTran Flight deck, Kia deck and 37 restrooms.

Kenpat performed more than 86 percent of the labor to construct 1. One of the key components of the Amway project and the surrounding neighborhood was the creation of the Blueprint Program to create jobs in the local area and get the greatest utilization of local firms that were qualified as Minority or Women Owned Businesses. This was achieved by recruiting several local MWBE subcontractors to assist with field and administrative workload. Anthony Hospital in Denver. Project Name: St. The new site provided significant opportunity for expansion and connectivity.

This hospital was on a month fast-track schedule that required precise coordination of trades and materials to be successful. The Gallegos Corp. Specialty items included multiple custom made-precast caps and sills, and limestone plaster coating over drywall to simulate stone in the interior public spaces.


Fort Collins Precast provided the precast materials. The large scale of the project, combined with the scaffold erection and weather protection during the winter months, and over 68, man hours in the field, made this dynamic project a consistent management challenge. This project demanded the cooperation of multiple scopes and tradesmen, all working together to produce a quality and functional building that has significantly changed the landscape of the area and provides St. Ford Drywall President John Ford says his company was hired to do the exterior lath, waterproofing and stucco with limestone finishes.

The ArcusStone product was also good for making the molds and architectural profiles the job called for by hand. The bowed ceilings and arches were much easier to do compared to stone, Ford says. There were other benefits to working with an American-made product, he says.

At the same time, the more than 40,square-foot project gave him and his workers a great deal of practice in turning out artistic finishes in the field.

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Allied Building Products supplied materials for the project. Thus interior air quality, energy and water conservation, waste reduction and lower operating costs were primary goals of the project. Built into a rugged and hilly acre site, the project juts into the horizon with large cantilevering rooflines whose forms appear to hover over the extensive glazing that allows expansive mile panoramic views to the east, south and west over the historic Wisconsin River Valley and six neighboring towns.

The home is situated directly atop a foot deep wooded ravine along the north side. This juxtaposition sets the stage for the underlying story of the home that is seen in the interplay between the form and the material palate. Themes of dark and light, heavy and delicate, solid and void, expansion and contraction, rustic and refinement can be seen throughout the home. This project is exemplary in its well thought-out planning and execution of details.